Locally made duvets & pillows from Høie

If there is something we love, it is a good night’s sleep. With us, you sleep with a 5-star duvet and pillow from Høie, Saga. The customer favorite is produced locally at Brekstad in Norway, it’s Swan-labeled (Nordic Ecolabel) for a better morning, and so clean that it is recommended by Asthma Allergy Nordic - so even those with allergies can sleep safely. The duvet and pillow have been carefully chosen so that you will sleep tight and feel refreshed in the morning.

Want to take the great sleep experience home?

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The Down Pillow
This is the down pillow you will find in your bed right now and is a Høie customer favorite. A medium-high pillow suitable for most people, developed with 3 chambers, each with its own function for softness and support. The two outer chambers are filled with down for softness, while the inner core is filled with a down/feather blend for support. It is Swan-labelled (Nordic Ecolabel), and so clean that even those with allergies can sleep with it.
The Fiber Pillow
Do you prefer a fiber pillow? Then you can choose the Enviro fiber pillow. The fiber pillow will feel firmer and provide even more support than the down pillow. The pillow is allergy-friendly and is also Swan-labelled (Nordic Ecolabel) for a better morning.
The Anatomy Pillow
Do you struggle with a stiff or sore neck? DownFeel Anatomy is ergonomically adapted and consists of 2 chambers that provide optimal support for the head and neck. A soft chamber to rest the head and a firm chamber to rest the neck. The pillow contains a unique fiber that feels as soft and light as pure down. The pillow is developed for maximum support and sleeping comfort.