Vestkantbadet gym

Exclusively for hotel guests and members, our gym goes above and beyond with its top equipment and exceptional group classes. Whether you're looking to reach new fitness heights or keep up with your regular routine while travelling, the local member community will be sure to keep you motivated.

Opening hours

Mon - Sun 5.00am - 10.00pm

memberships include

  • Vestkantbadet Gym
  • Vestkantbadet pool & sauna
  • Fruit, water & coffee
  • Towel 
  • Topp modern wardrobe facilities with wellness body products
  • 50 min introduction class with PT

Price for membership with 12 month binding period
Price 2490 ,- per month.

*Membership is valid one year from signing - adjustment in price and content way occur.

Interested in membership?

Personal Trainer

All members are offered a start-up appointment with one of our skilled personal trainers. You will go through your wishes and goals with the training together, and your PT will survey health, body and basic form, in order to put together the best possible program for you. The consultation includes a test of body composition (muscles, fat and water), as well as a test of maximum oxygen uptake (VO2-max). In addition, you will go through a training session that combines strength, fitness and flexibility.

With a good foundation, the trainer will be able to put together a training program adapted to you and what you want to get out of the training. At Sommerro Gym, you also get the opportunity for close follow-up and adaptation along the way, all so that you can reach your goals more easily.

Training at Vestkantbadet Gym is primarily personal - but our PTs can offer group training for groups of up to 5 people.

Booking of swimming/sausa slots/sauna is done in Sommerros website

Booking of PT classes is done directly with PT.
Gi alt med en personlig trener
Du kan kjøpe enkelttimer med personlig trener eller klippekort.

1 PT time 1500,-
10 PT timer 1350,-/13 500,-
50 PT timer 1275,-/63 750,-
100 PT timer 1200,-/120 000,-

Klippekort har 2 års gyldighet, ubrukte klipp er refunderes ikke.