Laserlegene at Vestkantbadet offer a unique combination of medical expertise. The team consists of two doctors, Dr. Chan and Dr. Mariadasan, and five handpicked nurses who have gone through special training in both laser and injection treatments. The doctors have over 15 years of experience as leaders at several large Norwegian clinics. Few, if anyone in the country can boast better or broader laser expertise or a wider laser selection than this team, in addition to extensive expertise in injections and skin treatments. Customers will be sure to receive tailor-made treatments according to their own wishes and needs.

The team is ambassadors for the biggest and most well-known brands in medical laser treatments; such as Fotona Laser, Candela laser and Limmer laser. In addition to a close partnership with suppliers such as Allergan Aesthetics, SkinCeuticals, BeautyTechnology and Scanex skin laser.

When booking certain treatments, you will receive a consultation form by text, so that we can ensure safe treatment.