Sommerro offers valet parking. Park your car outside the entrance (Sommerrogata 1) or at Inkognitogata 39 and we will take care of the rest. Please note that the car cannot be higher than 220cm.

Valet parking can be pre-booked when making your room reservation or by email to

Price: 795,– per 24h (from 03.00pm - 03.00pm) including charing.


  • Please note that the car cannot be higher than 210cm.
  • Estimated time of arrival must be communicated to Sommerro prior to arrival:
  • The hotel cannot be held responsible for damage to the vehicle or burglary in the car. That includes driving to and from the parking area.
  • Remember to remove all valuables from the car.
  • If our personnel consider it necessary, the car will be examined for any damages before parking.
  • The guest must confirm by signature if any damage was found on the car, before keys are handed over to the hotel.

Sommerrogata 1, 0255 Oslo NORGE
Vårt team