Maren Haga, our own sauna and Aufguss master carries out sauna rituals for our guests and visitors. An exciting seance that opens up the senses and ensures wellness at every stage. Combine this with an ice bath in our cold plunge pool for an extraordinary wellness and energizing experience. Could this be something for you or your friend group?

The word Aufguss means “infusion”, as the sauna master puts ice and water on the sauna stove. Maren puts ice balls with essential oils and water on the sauna stove. This evaporates into the room, and increases air humidity and temperature for a cleansing and beneficial effect. The master steers the steam around the room with a towel, using fan techniques. Combined with a dip in our 8 degree cold plunge pool.

A refreshing wellness experience for you or your friend group, maybe before the annual Christmas party?

Book an experience in a cold plunge pool combined with a sauna ritual today.