Join us for a memorable weekend of Japanese-inspired delight as we proudly introduce the Japanese Afternoon Tea, where the renowned pastry chef Ai Ventura has been warmly invited as our first guest chef. Experience the fusion of cultures, flavors, and art through this extraordinary culinary experience.

Ai Ventura's unique pastries are not only a delight for the taste buds but also works of art in themselves. These delicacies are so exceptional that you won't be able to find anything similar anywhere else in Scandinavia. This event is a rare and unique opportunity to embark on an authentic culinary journey through Japanese pastry art, right in the heart of Oslo.

DATE: 21. & 22. October

About Ai Ventura – Weaving Japan and Creativity Together

Meet Ai Ventura, the outstanding Japanese pastry chef and cookbook author who seamlessly blended the art of Japanese baking with culinary creativity. Trained in the heart of Japan, Ai mastered both traditional and modern baking techniques. Since arriving in Stockholm, she has captivated with her pop-up café, Bon Aibon. Her cookbooks, "Japanska Bakverk" and "Baka Kawai," are a testament to her unique ability to blend Eastern and Western baking traditions.