A Heartwarming Christmas Eve for Everyone!

Christmas isn't always just about joy; it's also a time when life's contrasts become more apparent. Whether you have a small or large family or find yourself in different life situations, you are welcome to HumanJul! This event is created with love and unity, for both families and volunteers. It's free and comes straight from the hearts of everyone involved.

What can you expect? Entertainment, delicious Christmas food, and a plethora of games that will spread Christmas cheer to all ages. This promises to be an unforgettable evening you absolutely won't want to miss.

HumanJul is organized by the Humanists, in collaboration with Qvisten Animasjon, ODA, Sommerro, RentaTent, and dedicated enthusiasts who want to create something magical together.

For more information and registration, visit www.humanjul.no.

Join us for a Christmas Eve full of warmth and togetherness!

Lonely Christmas Tree

For many children, Christmas is not always a joyful time. That's why we invite you to donate a Christmas gift to children who need a ray of light and something exciting to look forward to. Purchase or donate a Christmas gift that you think a child may wish for and place it under our "Lonely Christmas tree." The gifts will be distributed on "Human Christmas" on Christmas Eve here at Sommerro.